How It Works

As an OC Bus Rewards program member, you will be able to earn points every time you ride OC Bus or purchase a bus pass. Passes eligible for the program include:

  • Regular One Day and 30-Day Passes
  • Senior One Day and 30-Day Passes
  • Disabled One Day and 30-Day Passes
  • College passes
  • Mobile single ride passes

For Senior, Disabled and College passes, you must have an OCTA reduced fare identification number. If you do not have one, you can learn more and apply at:

Both mobile and paper pass users are eligible for earning points. Mobile users will have their points automatically posted to their OC Bus Rewards account, while paper pass users will need to upload a photo of their pass. Not a mobile user? Download the OC Bus App now!

There are two ways to earn points. For each ride you take on OC Bus with your pass, you will earn
5 points. You also earn points based on the type of pass you use; each pass has a different point value. See chart below for points for each pass type.

Points Earned at Activation Based on Pass Type (mobile or paper)
  Single Ride
(mobile only)
One Day Pass 30-Day Pass
Regular 100 400 7,500
Senior 50 100 2,500
Disabled 50 100 2,500
College -- -- 4,400

Use your rewards dashboard to track your points, then redeem them for free passes when you have enough. The chart below shows how many points are required to redeem each type of pass. One day passes are redeemed as bundles of 5 One Day Passes. Mobile redemptions will be available in your OC Bus App account within 24 hours. Paper pass redemptions will be received by mail between
14-21 days after redemption.

Points Required for Redeeming Pass Types
  Bundle of 5 One Day Passes 30-Day Pass
Regular 25,000 69,000
Senior 6,750 22,250
Disabled 6,750 22,250
College -- 40,000